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All of the Advanced Options for HA

Friday, May 15, 2009 , Posted by Virtualbox at 2:05 AM

We manage to get all the HA advanced options. With ESX 3.5 Update 2 VMware added a couple of extra advanced options, this is the complete list:

das.failuredetectiontime - Amount of milliseconds, timeout time for isolation response action(with a default of 15000 milliseconds).

das.isolationaddress[x] - IP address the ESX hosts uses for its heartbeat, where [x] = 1‐10. It will use the default gateway by default.

das.usedefaultisolationaddress - Value can be true or false and needs to be set in case the default gateway, which is the default isolation address shouldn’t be used for this purpose.

das.poweroffonisolation - Values are False or True, this is for setting the isolation response. Default a VM will be powered off.

das.vmMemoryMinMB - Higher values will reserve more space for failovers.

das.vmCpuMinMHz - Higher values will reserve more space for failovers.

das.defaultfailoverhost - Value is a hostname, this host will be the primary failover host.

The new ones:

das.failuredetectioninterval - Changes the heartbeat interval among HA hosts. By default, this occurs every second (1000 milliseconds).

das.allowVmotionNetworks - Allows a NIC that is used for VMotion networks to be
considered for VMware HA usage. This permits a host to have only one NIC configured for management and VMotion combined.

das.allowNetwork[x] - Enables the use of port group names to control the networks used for VMware HA, where [x] = 0 - ?. You can set the value to be Service Console 2 or Management Network to use (only) the networks associated with those port group names in the networking configuration.

das.isolationShutdownTimeout - Shutdown time out for the isolation response “Shutdown VM”, default is 300 seconds. In other words, if a VM isn’t shutdown clean when isolation response occurred it’s being powered off after 300 seconds.

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