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ESX Server 3.0.x/3.5/3i Boot Process

Monday, April 13, 2009 , Posted by Virtualbox at 11:50 PM

ESX Server 3.0.x/3.5 Boot Process

  1. Boot loader in MBR points to the boot device
  2. Grub.conf lists the boot menu options.
  3. Selected menu provides:
  • Location of root partition. Uses UUID instead of device
    name (e.g. /dev/sda)
  • RAM Disk file name relative to /boot location

ESX Server 3i Boot Process

  • Boot loader in MBR points to the boot device
  • initrd (initial Ram disk) is loaded

ESXi Boot Sequence

ESXi firmware boot starts from grub screen
  1. Hypervisor loads necessary drivers
  2. Hypervisor runs config scripts
  3. Hypervisor starts daemons (services)
  4. Boot process ends when DCUI screen is loaded
  • Alt+F2 : DCUI (Default)
  • Alt+F1: inactive console
  • Alt+F11 : Summary information (version, server, CPU, memory)
  • Alt+F12 : vmkernel log

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  1. SANJAT KABI says:

    kya bat hai good gr8 ..... welcome to the world of bloging :)

  1. aman says:

    Only superman can do this kind of perfect job.. keep it up :)

  1. spartan says:

    too gud

  1. I seriously doubt on the first boot loader process. It shows as initrd loads before the VMKERNEL.. Are you sure about it?

  1. Anonymous says:

    What about esxi booting process

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